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Amplify Your Healing Journey With a Supportive Community – We’re Stronger Together!

Build Your Expertise:

No one likes being overwhelmed by health jargon. But everyone loves understanding their health. Learn to create impactful remedies that HEAL & RESTORE.

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Just like basic math becomes second nature, so does homeopathy with the right guidance. Follow a structured approach and watch your well-being improve!

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Many Want to improve their health – Learn to separate myth from science and look forward to seeing real progress each day!

We’re Solving Three Major Problems


Not Enough Time

Our structured, easy-to-follow courses allow you to learn at your own pace. With bite-sized lesson that are jam-packed with useful information, you can integrate learning into your busy life effortlessly. 


Not Enough Money

Our Academy offers one of the most affordable options for learning out there. You’ll find a ton of value inside! Access all current and future courses for a single, low monthly fee, (and when we say LOW, we mean it!) saving you the cost of expensive schools and degrees.


Too Hard to Learn Homeopathy

With simplified, step-by-step instructions, active support, and a 24/7 community, we’ve made homeopathy approachable and understandable. Watch over-the-shoulder tutorials, participate in discussions, and gain confidence in your skills.


All Things Homeopathy Academy!

Tap into the power of expert information with your Academy membership. Use proven methods with an extensive library of full courses, hands on help and a supportive community — all in one low monthly investment. Everything you need to succeed with your health journey. Unlock the healing potential within your life, today! Get everything you need to start your healing journey with a Homeopathy Academy membership today!

Here’s What Others Are Saying!

Can I just say how very pleased I am with Amber’s membership platform- she teaches so clearly and with passion- I feel like this membership is worth 99$ a month! I’m listening to her remedies videos and learning so much from her stories and how she presents!!! It’ll take me a very long time to go through everything that’s in there now and she keeps adding more!!!

Thank You Amber!!!

Sue Boughton

I am loving Amber’s membership platform!! After all the classes and subscriptions I’ve paid for over the last few years, I think I’m finally going to really learn the remedies!!Amber is a great teacher and her resources are so creative and well done!! Thank you Amber!!

Linda Hirst

Suzy Batzoid

Amplify Your Healing Journey With a Supportive Community – We’re Stronger Together! Who is this for?


You’re passionate about natural healing and want to grasp the concepts quickly and thoroughly. Let our Academy be your guide and supprot.


Your family’s health is your top priority, and you want to provide the best care. Our Academy membership ensures your knowledge stays current and effect in order to treat them the best.

Wellness Enthusiasts

You have a love for holistic healthy and want to expand your knowledge and homeopathic skills. Our Academy offers a wealth of resources to help you succeed. 


You want to provide the best possible care for your loved ones and need reliable, practical guidance to do so. Our Academy equips you with the kowledge and support to make informed decisions and use homeopathic remedies effectively.

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